Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fraternal Twins

Your fears and dreams reside in the same place.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Solitary Confinement

I was talking to one of my single friends last evening, and he seemed extremely morose. The reason? His long standing tradition of going out with his friends every Saturday was broken the first time in 5 years. The reason? Well.. All his friends are now either married or engaged - and prefer spending their weekends with their special someones.. Their group had started with around 12 people.. And over the years, the number dwindled exponentially - till this guy was the only one remaining.

The void that's left behind by friends getting hooked up with their special someones is disturbing - as was quite apparent from the way my friend was sulking. And this ordeal is especially painful for people who're staying alone and away from their immediate family. "Love is always overrated" my friend went on.. Yes - there are other important things in this world - great work, good money, a loving and understanding family.. Then why is it so that he's so upset?

I guess it's because a good bank balance or even parents and siblings cannot always give you the kind of company that you wish to have when you want to watch a movie, or cook, or go shopping for a new gadget, or just plain have someone with you as you watch some stupid program on the idiot box. It's basically to cure an ailment called loneliness.

Reminds me of this quote that I read sometime back:
"I've got everything I need except a man. And I'm not one of those women who thinks a man is the answer to everything, but I'm tired of being alone."

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Deserted Wishes

"If you do not have the courage to pursue your own dreams to completion - then you have no right to blame someone else's failure or unwillingness to fulfill those dreams. The moment you abandon a dream - you have already destroyed it. So either have the courage to follow your dream to fulfillment, or have the courage to accept its destruction. Please don't hang around somewhere midway trying to find a scapegoat on whom you can pin your lack of courage."

These words screamed aloud inside me as I heard someone make a careless comment blaming another person for a dream gone awry. I did not say anything - I had no right to say anything to the person who was saying them. I pushed back these words from the tip of my tongue - something which I do not do very often. There was certainly an exception to be made in this case. I listened silently.

I wonder if I can ever be capable of thinking that way- to hold someone else responsible for anything that goes wrong - to blame my inabilities on other people and live happily ever after...

The dream is dead. Long live the dream!!

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