Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Raw Power

It was a single sharp streak of lightning- it struck a tree some yards from me- and as I shrieked- I saw it- that killer instinct. The tree was reduced to a ghost of ashes and I was reduced to a zombie myself for a few seconds before I gathered my senses.

Meet Nature- who is as serene as a soft drizzle when she is calm- and as ferocious as a lava-spewing volcano when angered.

Hmm- seems she is like any other woman I know :)

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Friday, May 26, 2006


"...thinking of days when we will be very far- physically.. We may not talk for long- see each other... But the distance will not be there.. And we will have lives... And we will cross again multiple times... As our destiny will lay out for us... Be close, far... So many years to look forward to.... Years of longing, years of knowing each other, years of being there for each other......"

Happy 25th Anniversary Mummy and Papa...

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flying high

Spread your wings and reach beyond the boundaries.

Limit yourself to nothing, strive for all.
For in that reaching,
You just might find that you have grasped;
All that will bring you happiness and completion.
- S. W. Murphy

When I passed out 12th std, my uncle gifted me a small frame with a picture of a soaring eagle, and a message on it- "You cannot know how high you can fly till you spread your wings". I liked the picture a lot and I put it on my study desk. It has inspired confidence in me in some difficult times as I made my way through four years of engineering.

I left that frame on my desk back at home when I started working in Pune. But the frame and its message have not left me ever. There have been times when I have been wary of doing some things- but once I started with the task- I realized how naturally it came to me and that it was not as difficult or impossible as it initially seemed to be. All I needed to do was spread my wings and I realized that I could indeed fly!

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Dancing in the rain

What is it that makes a relationship stay, or blow away, or worse, wither away. It is a simple thing- but like all other simple things, it is a little difficult to understand, more so to accept and apply. But I have seen it work flawlessly in all those relationships around me which have and will survive through and through everything.

It is called Come What May- and it is not a magic potion or a divine chant- it is an attitude. It says that come what may- I will be with you- that I know that we are to be together- that I do not see being with you as a choice to anything but as my very existence. Sounds like stuff out of an old romantic classic? If you let your attention stray from the romanticism in the words and think about the solemnity in them, maybe it will make more sense.

Obviously, this attitude does not come suddenly- especially not when two people first get into a relationship. It develops over time as both of them start realizing that they are meant to be and that they can be together always. It develops when both of them start understanding that never can both of them be angry or upset at the same time- if one is angry- the other one has to make sure things are normal again. It develops when both of them start acknowledging that never can both of them be in doubt at the same time- if one starts feeling disillusioned- the other has to revive the faith and the spark. The phrase "You complete me" sounds very cliched- but only when it is said and perceived in terms of completing each others' permanent deficiencies. We all go on to lack what we might have had sometime back- enthusiasm, courage, hope and many other things. Completing each other means replenishing these things in each other when need be.

No relationship is free from its low moments- these keep it alive. In such times, the key is to remember all the highs you've had, smile to yourself and say- "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass- it's about dancing in the rain"

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When the wind meets the horizon...

A path winding across the horizon
over mountains, across seas
through blue skies and gray
never ceasing, continuous.
My love for you.

- A J Miller

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