Sunday, December 07, 2008


I can hear the question that most people reading my blog have: Where have I been? Why have there been no blog posts since the last five months or so!

The answer is short. Instead of experiencing life by writing about it, I've been experiencing it by living it!

And I've realized that it's stupid to act as if something that you truly want is not important. Especially when you're assuming it to be insignificant based on what someone else wants you to believe.

For instance, more than one person has said this to me, that having a person you love be with you, does not mean everything (if anything at all) in life. And as I realize now, not surprisingly, these people were the ones who refused to stand by me. Convenient ehh? :)

Today I would like to take this opportunity to inform all those losers, that it's a wonderful feeling to have a special someone stand by me! And in fact, I must thank them all for not standing by me or in my way, else I would have missed out on the real bliss that I have now found.

It's very easy to talk about faith - it's very difficult to keep it. And as I taste the wondrous essence of love now, I remember a poem titled "One of these days" that I had written a long long time back. It ended with something like:

On the shore- gazing at the the ocean- day and night I sit...
The wait is long and painful- but every bit worth it.
Over and over I hear it- as the wave solemnly says-
"You will be the ocean I return to- one of these days"

The day is here.

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