Saturday, July 28, 2007

Past Tense - Future Perfect

I have two options.

I can run away from the situation and pretend as if nothing has happened. That would be simple to do. Like starting a new fresh blog- which has no history of the old one.


I stay here and face the situation. Not fight it- simply accept it. Like staying on the same blog. Just write new posts. Slowly over time- the new ones will start filling up the blog.. And there will be a time when there will be so many of these new ones that the old ones will be difficult to find. Then they will be gone in the true sense. As they say- the opposite of love is not hate- it is indifference.

I choose the second option. It's the more difficult one- but I know that it's only one that will work. No pretension- and complete submission to the truth. The truth is not simple to accept. But it is worse to have ghosts of incomplete truth haunting the soul. Let the truth be out there in the open. It will be difficult to digest- the first few instants-days-months-years.. But the peace that comes after that will be complete in all senses. No unsaid things- no half truths- and no unanswered questions. Just acceptance.

Acceptance of the fact that no one has a clean slate. Each person whom we meet throughout our lives has a life before me meet him or her. And that life is past. What we live with these people is the present and the future. And that is in our hands. The past has happened. It's gone, over and done with. There's no changing it.

But lets's not jeopardize the future over the past. Let's promise ourselves that we will build our future on top of the present moment. And the past has no role in it. Period.

The blog stays. New posts have begun :)

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Whirlwind of a thought

In most cases- an impulse is nothing but a thought or a wish that has been there in the mind for sometime- but found no exit.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Picture perfect

Many people rely a lot on photographs to keep memories alive- some people go a step ahead and display all of them too. I personally know a few people whose houses look like photo galleries- photos every where- on walls, table tops, refridgerators doors and so on. Photo frame makers earn their bread and butter thanks to all these wonderful folks.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic. I am myself a photograph person- I love clicking pictures and my Sony cam is my constant companion wherever I go- so much so that my colleaugues have christened me the "official photographer" of our team.

But I still feel that the most special memories are the ones which are in us... No video- no photograph- no written account- nothing. Just a memory inside us. All the best moments in my life till now have, for different reasons, no photographs to remind me of them. And yet each of those moments is still fresh in my heart.

The time when my sister was born and she smiled at me...
The time when I flew off a hundred rupee note making an aeroplane out of it- at the time a hundred was a lot of money- and I was expecting mom to shout and as she loooked at my scared innocent face- she just hugged me...
The time when my dog died and I went into the graveyard behind our house at 11 o'clock at night because I was missing him...

And so many more... I don't have any pictures to display for these moments. In fact- the words that I used to mention them above don't even express a small percentage of what those moments were actually like.

"Don't let the memory lose its soul by putting it in physical frames... "


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