Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am called the Kabaadee in my team- a person who collects silly things like chocolate-wrappers, gift-wrapping papers, empty Pringles boxes and God knows what not! I find it difficult to just throw away things- because each one of them brings a whiff of some random moments, and I relive that incident with the same flavor all over again. While this might sound way too mushy and useless to all the fastidious utilitarians out there- it is simply another way of living which people around me have accepted and, in fact, have come to expect too! They know that the next time I get those chocolates called Kisses, I will promptly take a ribbon off one of the chocolates and slip it into my drawer.

In case you are wondering- I do believe in spring cleaning. So there are times when I open my drawer and start sorting it out. Sitting alone in my cubicle on a Saturday, with all the stuff spread out around me- I have come across things like a small greeting card which my first team in the company gifted me on my birthday- a very pretty bracelet I once found on the dance floor- a gentle yet firm feather which I received as a souvenir from a shadow... All these are not things- they tell stories of my life back to me. They have brought a smile to my face even though some stories have ended and some stories will always go on. Needless to say- none of the things go to the trash can- instead they find a new place to hide in till I find them again...

What makes something dispensable in our life? How does one decide whether something is not needed anymore? We go along living our lives casting away things- living and non living. Does someone dispose off a memory because there is not enough space in drawers and cupboards? Does someone dispose off an intimate relation because there is not enough time in a busy life? I presume it is about priorities- so what is more important automatically gives someone the right to dispose off the less important things. Many a times these things are real people- but it is alright- because they are not important enough to someone anymore.

I guess that is what people mean when they say that they don't have space for a small card, or that they don't have time for a relationship. So they clean out and trash it away. Fair enough- at least they are clear about what they want. But then they crib about life not being fair to them- saying there have never been any moments worth cherishing. Someone just throws out a cherished moment and now there is a barren desert- or worse- a vaccum. I wonder- is this the price that someone pays for executing the so-called priority-based-clarity-of-thought. I will not pay this price. Will you? Are you like the someone from this post?

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