Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Free your mind"

I am in the process of reading a book which says that people usually focus too much on the things which are present very close to them. And they are caught up in all these things and their subconscious is trapped- like a frog in a well. The book advises that one should focus on the distant horizon- that would help expand the subconscious of that person. Or as one character in the book says, that would help "the soul to grow".

While reading that book, I realized that there are some people in this world who are just the opposite- they always look at the horizon and never at the things close to them.

These people are so caught up in listening to their subconscious and following their heart and trusting their intuition- that they miss out on the most obvious things which have been staring to their face all the while. It's like seeing the dog who's crossing the road two blocks away- but missing out on the STOP sign just right in front of of them.

I am one of these people.

And now that I have missed so many STOP signs and risked almost everything close to me at all crossings in life till now- I think it is high time I stopped. No- not to mean that I would stop dreaming- or stop believing in my intuition or subconsious- or stop following my heart. All I need to do is to stop living as if all these are the only guiding stars in my life. They are not. I have believed so long in the power of dreams- I have believed so long in the strength of faith- I have believed so long in the sanctity of the heart. I have believed and believed and believed.

Now it is time to change that.

Someone said to me that "We cannot follow our heart without thinking about consequences and what it would do to others". Ironic statement- but given recent circumstances and the way my faith has been questioned- I am inclined to agree.

No more kisses blown to the moon because it looks beautiful at night. Well- so do all the stars which twinkle brilliantly. Why single out the moon? It was a silly thing to do anyways- how many times have I been the butt of jokes for that!

No more crazy smiling-to-myself in the morning when I get up thinking it is a beautiful day. Well- every day is beautiful- what am I smiling for? My sister was seriously considering taking me to a psychatrist when she saw me smiling like that- and now that I see it- I can understand her freaking out over it!

No more poetry on the fly suddenly while I am working on some work related issue. Well- I feel nice many a times- why should I stop something in between just because my heart says so? I mean- really now- there is a time and place for anything and making way for such absurd impulses is really not a healthy thing to do.

And yes- no more waiting for things to happen. Well- I waited for years- why wait knowing it is not coming? No wait is worth any pain. Scrap that senti poem which was written some time back- things surely need to change now.

It's time for the wind to be rooted in its reality and stop looking at the unattainable horizon.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Promising Hope

It is ironic that the word compromise contains the word promise! Maybe it is because a broken promise needs more alphabets to exist by itself- and that is when we get a compromise.

Nothing hurts more than being given hope and then it being taken away...

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