Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Simple' has all the letters needed to make a 'Smile'

It is amazing that we all want joy to come our way- and yet we put all these conditionals on how it should come our way. So much so that when it does come- we completely ignore it just because it did not come in the attire that we expected it to be in.

I have been told (not once- not twice but many times- and recently by a person whom I briefly got introduced to) that happiness is in the moment- in simple things...

Listening to your favorite song playing somewhere. This has brought me out of terribly bad moods so many times!

Watching kids playing with each other in the park near our house when I come home from office. Just watching their innocent faces is magical... :)

Sitting by a river- listening to serene sound of the water as it laps up to the shore in small waves. It is so soothing...

Admiring the luminous moon in the dark sky. Well- there's definitely some connection that I have with the moon- it never fails to entice me... :)

And so many more similar moments that I get to live almost every day. Happiness is not circumstantial- it is a state of mind. I know it for a fact that just writing this post has made me happier than what I was just some time back. And I hope it has a similar (if not the same) effect on anyone who reads it!

Have happy times ahead people! :)

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Blogger Sangram said...

एकदम सहमत ... समस्त ब्लॉगर लोक मान्य करतील ... नविन काही लिहीले की लय भारी वाटते :-)

तरीही ... काही गोष्टींचे सुख अगदी uncomparable असते ... हिरवळीतून जाताना पायावर पडलेले पाण्याचे शिंतोडे ... कोणीतरी खळाळून हसतानाचा क्षण ... किती लिहू आणि किती नको ...

असो ...

be happy ... n make everyone happy :-)

12:48 AM  

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