Saturday, July 05, 2008

Intensity or Luminosity?

I am amazed at people who can focus on something keeping aside every other worry in the world. It does not matter if their house is on fire or their loved one is on fire or even if their own butt is on fire - they will continue doing what they're doing. It's said that such people are closer to God, because nothing affects their intense concentration.

I guess I disagree with the God part though.. Anything that lacks compassion cannot be close to God. And if that's how purists are, if that's how geniuses are, then I don't wish to be a purist or a genius. I am happy watching such people from a distance and admiring them. And as much as I admire them, I would not want to become one of them. Because I'd rather be poor in concentration and totally unfocused, than not being a part of this world when required the most.

Well to be fair, a burning laser beam has its own utility in demanding conditions. But it's plain light that brightens up a room, or for that matter, a gloom.

Let circumstances be the magnifying glass that converts luminous light into an intense, singular beam. But remember to get that magnifying glass out of the way once the purpose is served, else the beam will burn down everything it falls on. And no light, however intense or luminous it is, can put life into ashes.

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