Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Unobstrusive Resolve

Today I celebrated Vat Savitri - a fast for something that I pray for every night anyways. Vat Savitri is an equivalent of Karwachauth - different name, same game. It's a fast praying to the Gods, asking them to bless my husband with a long, healthy and happy life.

Today I realized something that I have always suspected to be true, but did not want to say out before I could experience it myself. Today I know that this day goes way beyond the candy-floss and loud Karwachauth that Hindi movies have made it out to be. This day is not about showing off the power of marriage. Quite the contrary - it's about celebrating the subtlety of this bond. It's about letting the understated remain as is, without hanging it up in a showcase garishly decorated with ek-chutki-sindoor, heavy sarees, not to mention the much-hyped wait for chaand, and the exorbitantly expensive gifts that eventually follow.

Everyone who knows me knows how flamboyant I am. I'm very romantic, I love dressing up and all the works. So I'm sure there'll be people who read this and take the chance to stand up and shout "You hypocrite!!". Well, point taken. But there are some things which I do not like flaunting - my marriage and my quiet romance with my husband is one of them.

On this day, I pray to the Gods that I always have the strength to fill my husband's long life with the subtlety he so loves.

Amen ...

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