Sunday, August 02, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

I watched Love Aaj Kal last night - Saif plays Jai and Deepika plays Meera in the movie.

The movie is no where near being extraordinary, quite the contrary actually. But there's one particular scene in the movie which was rivetting - Meera's getting married and wants to talk to Jai before she takes the plunge. You take one look at Jai's flurry of irrelevant words and Meera's pained and confused silence, and you know why Imtiaz Ali is a genius.

I'll probably not want to watch the movie a second time. But I don't think I will forget the marriage scene for a long long time.

A famous quote says that it's not hate that hurts love, it's indifference. Love Aaj Kal, however, brought to light a bigger enemy of love: the denial of its existence.

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