Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ever After

My very close friend Venky got married to his sweetheart a few days back in the most filmy style possible - the bhaag-kar-shaadi style! Not that they did not try the "correct" way, but when things didn't move even after trying for almost 5 years, I think it was fair enough to resort to some drama. When he was telling me all about it, he said something which rang a bell immediately..

".. It's true.. When your heart truly desires something, the whole world conspires so that you get it.. Sach hain yaar.. Sach hain.. "

When a perfectly practical and head-rules-heart person like Venky says this, you know that there are some things which logic should not bother to explain. More importantly, there are some things which have their flavor simply because they are not explained.

Venky always cheered me for believing in the existence of such magical moments. But I think he would agree that he had his doubts about the amount of "truth" in my collective beliefs. In times which were particularly challenging for me, he kept boosting my morale saying that ".. Arre don't give up, I keep your example in front of me and the fact that you believe in love even after experiencing what you have, my situation is much better and I can make it for sure.. ". As he said that, I always felt that, at some level, he must be thinking I am an emotional fool for still believing that I will find what most people call as "true love".

And now that he has experienced a bout of that magic in his own life, his strengthened belief makes me feel vindicated.. :) Today my belief feels more stronger than when I actually experienced it, because today it has inspired someone else to believe.

This is for you Venky and Nishi.. May the magic always dwell in your lives.. Amen! :)

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Blogger Venkatesh said...

we officially christen you the fairy godmother of our love lives :)

5:46 AM  
Blogger Nishi said...

what you wrote is truly magical..thanks

2:37 AM  
Blogger Priyanka M said...

Haha :) Thanks Venky and Nishi.. I like the title. though it does make me sound like a sixty year old ;)


5:41 AM  

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