Sunday, November 26, 2006


Some things I learnt from my recent trip to what is referred to by some people as The Land of Dreams:

Dreams do come true
All one needs to do is know that they will. This- by the way- in no big or small way says that I subscribe to the name The Land of Dreams. A place cannot make or break one's dreams- only the person can. That been said- I still staunchly believe in fate.

Well begun is half done- and all is well that ends well
It is important to start well- so that a major ground is covered. But it is equally important not to let some debacle dampen the enthusiasm with which one began the journey.

A Genius is born- not made
I am sure many people would disagree- but I have my own reasons to believe this. One can work hard and become very successful, but there are those people who just have that extra thing- some people call it charisma, others call it the X-factor- and for a lack or a better word- I call it genius.

Perfection v/s Imperfection
Appearances can be deceptive- and at times it becomes extremely important to contemplate up to what extent we base our opinions on first impressions and outward appearances.

People who love you never complain you are far from them
There were some major crises in my family here while I was there- but never for a moment did they complain about me not being there for them. Being so far away from them made me feel even closer to them- because they made me realize that some things are to be felt from the heart and not to be measured by physical or geographical proximity.

It is not fair to raise something which one does not have the courage to express
I realized how much I loathe it when someone takes the help of others to prove a point. And worse- I realized I have unknowingly done the same at times! If I have a point to make- I have to make it myself. Borrowing from a popular Hindi/Marathi saying- it is just not done to "fire a shot keeping the gun on someone else's shoulder". If I don't have the courage to shoot- I won't. Taking the metaphor even further- it is more insulting to person being shot at. I'd rather submit to my incapability to shoot and improve upon it, than making someone else a pawn.

There is a difference between understanding and knowing
They come in the same order that they are mentioned. And while understanding comes pretty soon- knowing takes time- and most of the times- forever. Maybe it is supposed to be that ways.

Honesty is relative
Just like all virtues like truth, happiness, morality, courage and their viced counterparts. I noticed a family arguing with a custom official at the airport about some stuff they were carrying and the whole incident further strengthened belief in the Theory of Relativity.

And at last but not the least- opinions are subject to change
n other words- just like promises- opinions are formed to be changed.

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