Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yes- I do

I wonder how many people would have known that what seems like a hazy rose in the second picture was actually just another red flower before I shook it up through a Gimp whirlwind. In fact- it's quite possible that some people might not even see a rose at all in the second picture- but something completely different. We see what we want to see. The catch is- once we believe in it- it comes true- it becomes real for us. We first need to know what we want to see- and then believe in it. Mind you- however- there is a lot of difference between wanting something to happen and believing it will.

The hazy rose in the second image above is just an alternate to the first one having overwhelming clarity. And clarity does not define the existence of an image- just its credibility. A dream is an alternate reality. Wanting a dream to come true is common- believing in it- well- difficult. Do you believe in your alternate reality? The title for the post is my answer to that question.

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