Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More or Less

So it looks like I have received quite a lot of attention for the *less posts, in mails and messages. Which is why, before going ahead, I need to clarify one thing. I first want to thank everyone who was concerned about what was happening. Thanks people- I truly appreciate the fact that you regularly follow my blog posts - I shall keep writing for all you people always!! And secondly, there is nothing wrong with me. I am not upset, and I am definitely not depressed. It was not pain or agony- but a mere poetic streak which churned out these posts.

What I was trying out here, was a theme of the five senses being amiss- what it would feel like to suddenly find one sense missing in everything we do. Not in terms of the physical aspect, but the emotional one. Which is why, I took one piece of poetry at a time- Hindi alternated with English- each piece signifying an event/incident talking-about/leading-to directly/indirectly one sense. Looks like it was totally senseless. Haha :)

Not all these posts were meant to sound sad as such. In fact, I would say that except for the first one- Colorless- all others were not sad and had totally different ideas in them. Soundless talked about immortality. Scentless was a simple narration of the present. Wordless was a joyous admission of an inability to capture an emotion. And while Touchless had a very solemn tone (with "tears" and all)- it spoke of finality, which is not necessarily happy or sad.

Each one of us faces overwhelming emotions once in a while, which leave us a bit numb and unable to react. In each of these times, our senses kinda refuse to respond. It's when less becomes more.

In purely emotional terms, extreme joy and extreme sorrow are almost the same. Enjoy these emotions to the hilt. Live them as much as you would live any other moment. And you will see poetry coming out of the brightest and darkest hours alike.

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