Thursday, February 14, 2008


"No no.. I'm not taking any risks. What if we go out and get pelted by stones?! No way- am staying home!!"

Me and my sister had plans with friends today evening- but my sister wouldn't listen. She had already decided. After my initial disagreement- I gave in to her decision and we are now at home. Today is Valentines Day.

So there's this anti-western stand that these supposed keepers of morality (read stone-pelters) have taken over the past few years. They randomly go and damage property at any place that seems western enough to them. Gift galleries, multiplexes, cafes, fast-food joints- you name it and they've broken things there. They apparently believe that Valentines Day is a bad influence.

I am not sure I understand what they're talking about. Valentines Day is a celebration of love! I realize that not everyone takes it in the same spirit , but does that mean that it be banned?! I don't think so. Are we not supposed to be living in a free country?! Who are these people to decide what we do or not? We are not breaking any law by exchanges roses or chocolates or cards. We are just having a good time! We don't give a damn about whether the Valentines Day has come from the West or the East or whatever. Indians are known to be people who love celebrating. And Valentines Day means the same as Sakrant, Holi or Diwali to us- it's a reason for celebration!

I celebrated Valentines Day in office today, and I felt great as I distributed toffees and little heart-shaped paper pin-ups to everyone in my team! Everyone forgot about work, deadlines, schedules and all our worries melted away with the sweet candy as we giggled away with child-like joy. For those 5-10 min, each one of us felt the spirit of togetherness and love. I'll say that we experienced Valentines Day.

Bad influence?!

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