Saturday, March 15, 2008

Magic Trick

There is something extremely magical about a child's eyes. All emotions seem to be magnified in those pools of wonder, mischief and innocence. It's such a challenge to keep this innocence intact as they grow up. Knowledge inevitably takes away their playfulness over years, like a sad necessity.

But there are some people out there who retain that innocence, wonder and mischief. And more often than not- these are some of the most creative people around. They are people who are always in control- people who do not falter or waver in making some really difficult decisions. But what is really interesting to watch is how they tackle a problem. Along with some deep lines on their foreheads noting the perplexity of the situation- they also have that quintessential twinkle in their eyes which says "Wow- look at this mess.. This is going to be interesting to explore..." It's as if a child is working on a puzzle, completely oblivious to everything else. Just like a child never doubts that it will find a way out, these people have full faith that they will come out of the problem. And their unadulterated confidence itself sounds the victory bell.

It's not bad to grow up. But it's important that we never let the child in us go quite. No- I don't mean that we go around trying to fit ourselves in a pram or head for a tin of Cerelac. What I mean is that we need not let this growing-up business seed any disbelief in us. Experiences are worth only something- they don't mean world.

Know the trick- don't let growing-up seep so much into you that it holds down the careless soul that is as free as the wind.

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