Monday, March 27, 2006

What's in a name...

OK- so this blog made people ask me two things:
First- why did I name it that.
Second- why I did not start of with a customary beginning note which would then automatically have an answer to the first question! Hmm- very neat...

I believe the answers deserve a posting- so here you go everyone- your reasons for my unconventional beginning and the supposedly out-of-place name for the blog.

I have been writing diaries since I was in class ninth- it has had all my thoughts and feelings and opinions about anything and everything. Lately I have been very busy and haven't got lot of time to put things down in writing- something which I want to go back to actually. But till then- I thought- why not go back to blogging... And the idea appealed and here I am writing the same ol' diary all over again. So it was never really a new beginning for me- it was just a continuation of what I have been doing for a long time. What's different is that here I have people people writing and sending comments instead of giving them to me in person. Well- that's fair enough considering I have a larger audience now. So I did not feel like this was a beginning at all or that it warranted the need for an introductory post.

Now for the flowery part. Every morning I get up and walk into my balcony- I find these petite, pretty violet flowers scattered all over the floor- they fall from the tree branch hanging above every time there is a slight breeze. (At times like these- I want to write in Hindi you know- I could've expressed the feeling in this sentence so much better in Hindi!! Anyways- back to the point..) And no matter with whatever problems I have slept at night- I wake up to this beautiful sight in the morning and it makes me smile without fail. The little things in life are precious- remember :)

Using Shakespear's literary gem the billionth time, continued from the title-
"... That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet."

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Blogger Gajanan said...

It is really good to read........while reading i felt song "Naam gum jayega.." in my heart.....

3:41 AM  

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