Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shall we dance?

I had gone out for dinner with some of my colleagues last evening. The restaurant had a live band playing and one of my colleagues is a real dance enthusiast. So we used to end up on the dance floor everytime a dance number was played. Incidentally, my colleague's husband does not share the same enthusiasm for dance like she does. So he never really joined us and preferred watching us as we let ourselves be lost in the music.

After our meal was over- we thought that we'll just dance for a while and then leave. She called her husband many times to join her- but he wouldn't budge from his place. Finally she resigned with- "Ok then..."

And then, after two minutes or so, he came up on the dance floor and whisked her in his arms and they danced for, what seemed to the rest of us like, eternity! I wonder whether they both realized it- but everyone around, including all of us from the team, were clapping and cheering them both. Finally the song ended and we all decided to go home. It was late and I was going to stay back at their place, so I went with them. And I could see that smile on her face throughout the drive back and even after that.

It is truly the small things that matter- they create the big picture. A diamond ring is not even half as precious as making a moment special with something as implicit as a smile or a touch. As they say- one glance says more than a thousand words. I saw how much a small gesture meant to someone last night. Love is truly in the small things. And I hope both of them dance away like last night together into the rest of their lives...

God! Do I love fairy-tale endings or what?! So- you ready for a dance? :)

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