Friday, March 24, 2006

Black and white are opposites...

I found this wondeful ambigram in the Sunday Midday while I was in final year engineering. It has been created by Punya Mishra- he's a very famous ambigramist and you will find more of his ambigrams here:

In Punya's words, "... you can see this as being about opposites (good - evil; black - white) - the absence of one defining the other..."

It is so simple to categorize something. People are very quick to say something is good or bad- that they are happy or sad... But everyone would agree at the end of the day that life is not black and white- though we would sometimes want it to be like that so much just for the sake of more clarity. If I am happy I would automatically see the world as happy- and the same goes for the scenario when I am sad. But it would help to remember that my joy inadvertently means sorrow for someone, whether I like it or not... Andre Gide really knew what he was talking about when he said "The color of the truth is gray"

One more interesting thing about the above ambigram is that the first thing that people usually notice in it is the word Good- it is only after looking at it closely that they realize that it also has the word Evil. But once they have found out the evil in it- the next time they see the picture- they will always read the 'evil' first and will need to strain their eyes to see the 'good'.

That's how some people tend to look at life too. I know I have done that. Once faced with any sorrow- they become sceptical about the very existence of joy- forgetting that sorrow is merely absence of joy and it is them who can make sure that absence is no longer there. Happiness is a choice one makes. Period. And if you cannot make that choice for yourself- then no one else can do it for you. I have learnt this quite late in my life- but I have learnt it for good..

The next time you think something is black or white- think again- you might have seen the very same thing as being exactly opposite the last time you saw it. Gray is in people!

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Blogger Debajit said...

Mmmm... yummy Oracular wisdom :D

Hey, it's wonderful reading your blog Pri :)

I'd agree with you... Incidentally, a lot of this reminds me of Crash... about how everyone gets her/his dose of reality...

The "ambigram" was a nice analogy to potray the duality of it all. What exactly is an ambigram anyways?

ya know... the other day.. we had this rather funny "philosophical" debate... about judging things... another friend was of the opinion that evading making a judgement on something was like evading responsibility itself... and I'd be of the pro-"don't-judge" ideology -- trying to explain how judging something would often taint one's vision of that thing and would hinder her/him from looking at it and appreciating it for its true worth... ummm... i guess i'm still a little ambivalent on the whole issue of "categorizing" things as you put it :)

.. just added you to my blogroll...

keep the gray't stuff coming! :)

- Debajit

7:37 AM  

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