Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Torn Apart

It is like a rich tapestry, life. You start with a thread. Different people come in and weave their threads inseparably with yours. If a thread is now suddenly pulled out, it affects all the threads it was woven in with. It cannot be replaced, and it cannot be put back in. You can patch the gap, you just hide it. Over time the patch becomes so familiar that it stops feeling like one. It becomes a part of the tapestry, lived in. And then, the patch comes off. You try to protect it, put it back on, but it's too worn out for that. And you are left with the gap again. 

I don't want to put up a patch anymore. I know our threads will not weave-in the same way again. And no, that is not fine. But I have to start admitting that no other patch or thread can replace the pattern that I had, would have created with you.


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