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(English translation later below)

जाना ज़रूरी हैं . . .

कैसे ये कह दूं के आप मेरे लिए रुक जाओं 
खाली हो जाएगी हमारी ज़िन्दगी इसे छोड़ के मत जाओं 
खुदगर्ज़ हम इतने भी नहीं के आप को रोक पाए 
जाना इतना भी क्या ज़रूरी हैं क्यों ना समझ पाए 

जाने के बाद गुजरेंगे जो दिन तन्हाई में 
कुछ पल सोच में तो कुछ तुम्हारी यादों में 
दिल ढलते, फिर निकलते, फिर उलझ जाओ काम में 
डर हैं की कहीं भूल तो ना जाओगे इस भीड़ में 

अचानक एक दिन, फिर होगी मुलाक़ात 
गुफ्तगू तो हो जाएगी, क्या फिर रहेगी वो  बात 
बदली बदली सी लगने लगेगी हर वो बात 
हाँ बिछड़ जाने की आखिर यही तो हैं सौगात !!
 ~ श्रीराम, दिनकर 

बिछड़ना ज़रूरी नहीं! 

कैसे ये कहें आप से के आप हमें रोक लें  
या फिर पीछे छोड़ अपनी ज़िंदगी, बस, साथ हो लें 
खुदगर्जी ही सहीं, चाहते हैं आपका साथ हर दम 
पर ये छोटी सी ज़रुरत जाने की, दे रहीं हैं बड़े ग़म 

कौन होंगे साथी, यहाँ से चले जाने के बाद?
नए लोग मिलेंगे, पर आएगी आप ही की याद 
दिन सारे भर जाएंगे काम की उलझनों से- 
... होगा खालीपन मन के बंद कमरों में 

अचानक एक दिन, होगी फिर से मुलाक़ात 
होगी जब गुफ्तगू, तब हलके से बनेगी बात 
थोड़े से बदले हुए हम, और थोड़े से आप 
पर बदलाव का रखती नहीं दोस्ती कोई नाप 
 ~ प्रियांका 


Leaving is Inevitable

How do we dare and tell you to stay
Sans you, we would lose our way
No, we're not selfish- won't stop you like that
But can't see your reasons, from where we're at

All those days of silence when you're gone
Some moments of thought, others forlorn
Days passing by, lost in work and goals
I'm afraid you'd forget us in the crowd of souls

One day suddenly, we would meet again
All smiles and talk, will it be the same?
Things will be different, maybe a bit distant
Being apart brings change, the only constant
~ Shriram, Dinkar (translation: Priyanka)

Being Apart is Optional

Do I dare to expect, that you would stop me
Or that you would follow me, into an unknown sea
So be it selfish to want you'all with me always
As the need to leave makes me walk on painful ways

Who will be my friends when I leave there
I'll see new faces, when I look for you here
Tangled in truckloads of work, days in, days out
An emptiness inside the soul, within and without

Then that day will come, we'll meet again
Smiles and conversations, down the old lane
Oh, I will have changed, so will have you
But our bond, my friends, would still hold through
~ Priyanka

When I got hold of the first poem that Shriram and Dinkar had recently composed, I thought of what the response might be like. Recently having been in a situation not much different from the one described in their poem, I was forced to think about what the other side would be like and thought of putting down another poem, a parallel one depicting what the person having to leave must be going through.. 

Shriram, Dinkar - My sincere regrets if the translation does not do justice to the original prose. 


Blogger dinkar dhawale said...

yes priyanka I am agree with your counter part too.. :)
I also liked the translation.. :)

7:37 PM  
Blogger Sonal said...

A very convincing counter part :)

9:14 PM  
Blogger Anusha said...

Counterpoints are extremely interesting creations. Imagine, they are sort of incomplete without the original writeups.. and at the same time they enhance meaning making them sort of incomplete without them. :)

This is not just a counterpoint but converts a prose into a dialogue. And that too with translations :) Loved it.

9:53 PM  

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